Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Recycle page shows the eligible containers we accept for refunds.  Any containers that have the 10 cent refund label on them are accepted. For more information on which containers are eligible for refund visit the containers for change website.

Log onto containers for change website and follow the prompts to obtain scheme I.D.

With our manual counting system, we accept crushed cans.

We accept all load sizes, none are too big or small. We do however have to sign off large larger than 825 containers with a driver’s licence or other form of identification. Loads over 1500 containers need to be signed off with identification and a statutory declaration as requested by COEX.

For faster service it is recommended but not necessary to separate containers.

Payments should be processed into your account by 2-3 business days after arriving at depot  If you have any problems with scheme I.D payments, please contact us .


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